How to Promote Business in Instagram Like a Pro

Social media gives a huge impact on people’s lives now, including for their business development. Recently, having a business is not complete if not having a social media account, moreover Instagram. Since it was first launched, Instagram now becomes very popular. We can say that it is one of the must-social media to have. That is why we want to share with you how to promote business on Instagram here.

If you search the use of Instagram for business through the internet, you will find thousands of articles. But, in this article, we want to summarize based on the pro experience. So, you no need to look for the other articles. Just prepare yourself to learn amazing knowledge here. Make sure that you already have an Instagram account. Then, now we move to know how to promote business on Instagram.

1. Set in Business Account

As we mentioned before, you have to have an Instagram account first. Now do have one already? Then, see is it a personal or business account? If it is still set as a personal account, you can change it into the business account. It is easy to convert the account, just enter to your profile and choose the account. Then, change it into a Business Profile or Professional Account. Because there are lots of benefits when you change the account into Business account.

2. Insert the Link

When you are running the business online, it is important to make everything is integrated. So, don’t separate your customers’ journey while they are visiting your Instagram. Put your website link or online store link on your bio. It eases the people to visit and buy your product. If you just show the photo and they are interested, your visitors have no idea where to get it.

3. Post the Creative and Professional Photo

Instagram is about the display, how interesting and attractive your page is. If you are consistently showing creative posting, the visitors will always remember you and want to visit more and more. Also, the professional look will make you more trusted. So, it is important to review the view before posting.

4. Use the Right Hashtag

You must understand that Instagram works likely Google. When you add the hashtag inside your caption, once someone seeks for certain information with one keyword, Instagram will show the related hashtag. So, the more familiar and suitable your hashtag, the easier people to find your business. There is nothing more wanted than visitors if you are running the business online. Because starts from the visitors, the purchasing potentially happens.

5. Share the Events

Even your Instagram is a business account, you can still use it for sharing moments, like when you are joining the exhibition, community events, and many more. If you post many activities, the new people can consider how to exist your business is. Share the happiness, laughter, and other special moments to let people know your business impact.

Those points below are how to promote business in Instagram that every pro does. It is effectively proven to increase the traffic, gain more customers, and of course, result more profit.