how to promote a charity event

Great Tips on How to Promote a Charity Event

A charity event needs to be able to draw masses and plenty of attention. However, drawing people’s attention is sort of tricky. There are proper tips on how to promote a charity event, even with a limited budget. Especially with COVID-19 as obstacles, people can’t just promote blatantly without further planning.

Here are great tips on how to promote a charity event and drawing mass attention properly.

How to Raise Awareness of the Charity Event

First of all, raising mass awareness about the charity event is an important element. As time passed by, digital awareness became popular in society. There are many social platforms for people to use to boost any kind of event, including charities. For example, there are Facebook and Instagram that people usually use daily. Depending on the marketing strategy, some social platforms are suitable for the targeted audience. 

What’s impressive about digital social media platforms is that some platforms can promote your charity event for free online. Now that advertisement and promotion entered the digital age, it is time for people to use the available platform for new ways of promoting. 

After that, it is recommended for people to think about their priorities and goals that they want to achieve in their charity event. Focusing their goals and the main focus should help people in their event planning. The most popular ways to promote any event nowadays are social media. 

However, even with the help of social media, a strategy is still needed. A good marketing strategy will ensure the message will be delivered properly to the right people.

Promoting Charity Event through Social Platform

People tend to scroll down and hang out on social media with friends and colleagues. Social media is the place where people can follow the trends and what’s popular lately. Here are the necessary steps on how to promote a charity event.

1. Social Platform that Works for Your Target Audience

Choose the right social platform for your charity event. Some platforms are more effective than others, depending on the marketing strategy and target audience that they want to aim. For example, Instagram has a story feature that lets people know about the current event atmosphere and situation live. 

As for Facebook, it has a nice feature that helps people in organizing events and scheduling. Additionally, people can post the newest updates for the event in a new post feature. 

2. Create Interesting Content 

Create eye-catching content for the mass to read and see. It may also attract event-goers and public figures to repost the content for their followers to see. Additionally, using more promotional posters or illustrations for people to see is a great idea. Post the newest photos and environment of the event to build mass excitement to the max.

3. Renew your Social Media Profile

Rebranding a profile logo, vision, and mission might help attract more people to attend the charity event. There are also other ways, for example, unique image headers and interesting copywriting in every post. 

So above are a few steps on how to draw people’s attention to your charity event. What do you think? Give it some thought and try it if you’re interested in making your charity event.