best way to promote craft store

Best Way To Promote Craft Store Online Using Website

Are you a DIYer? If yes, and you have made many things by your hand, why don’t you build an online craft store? Or, just let someone out there knows that you have something awesome. Offer them through the internet and make a profit. We believe that you are the master using social media for promotion. But, not many of you are able to maximize the website. Thus, we want to share with you here about the best way to promote craft store through the website.

best way to promote craft store

A website is like a display rack for your crafts. Indeed, you can show the products on Facebook or Instagram too. But, the website feels more personal. Because it seems like someone is coming to your offline store, walking around, choosing a product, and get a comprehensive explanation from you. It might be quite the same as visiting social media. However, the real experience is still different. These are things as the best way to promote craft store:

1. Build a Brand

There are many craft stores before you make one. So, building your brand is important to attract the market. Make a different look and give values. These make people interest to visit your website. If you want to have a simple website is okay, but don’t make it too plain. Building a brand can be started from a consistent feel of your product, the words you choose to communicate, until the color of your website background.

2. Make a Blog

Blogging is not only for writers. This way becomes popular recently since people understand the work of SEO. Make useful articles related to your product and input certain keywords. You probably need someone who knows about SEO, or actually, you can learn by yourself. Specific content can be at the first rank on the Google page. This opens your opportunity to get customers from the other region or even country.

3. Synchronize to Social Media

The Internet doesn’t only connect people around the world. It also links one channel to another channel. Here you should connect your website with your social media. It makes it easier to be closer to you, such as following your Twitter or Instagram or being a friend on Facebook. In addition, when you sync your website with social media, it eases people to share your business on their page too.

4. Testimonials

In this digital era, people tend to more believe with other people than an advertisement. That is why you some products or other business shows their customer’s experience. You can ask your customers to give positive reviews or testimonials after buying your products. It could be in short sentences, 15 seconds video, or posting on their social media account.

5. Responsive

A key to successful marketing is listening to your customers. Thus, being responsive is important even they contact you through the website. Today there is a live chat feature that you can apply to your website. This helps them to contact you easier. Once you respond to their call, you may ask them to give a rate or any satisfaction measurement. When they are satisfied, they will let other people know that you have given great service.

The Internet opens any opportunity wider, including to promote the craft. As if you flashback, the craft was only offered in the local market. But thanks to this technology which lets you sell it around the world. Try to follow one by one of the best way to promote craft store above. We hope you the best of luck with your business!