How to get clients for web development

How To Get Clients For Web Development? 5 Ways That You Should Try

Web developer now becomes famous among people. as same as another job, as the web developer you will face some lack or difficulty in order to get more benefit. Then, the most problem faced by the web developer is about how to get clients for web development. Having clients is the main goal of all web developers. Then, all of them want to find a lot of clients in order to get more benefits. But, when everything doesn’t run well, what should be done by them to fix this problem?

How to get clients for web development

1. Be Included In The Catalog Of Template Monster’s Web

In this web, template monster’s web, you will get more like the web developer. The template monster’s web has become a web market for 15 years. Thus, it has many collections of the web template that you can take the benefit from. Therefore, in order to get more clients for your web development, you need to include in the catalog of template monster’s web. By joining the catalog, your clients will be easy to find you. Moreover, you can add your experience and your data to prove yourself. Thus, your clients will know you more and build the trustworthiness.

2. Join The List Of The Freelance Market Places

Accept the template monster’s web, you can also join the list of freelance marker places. The function of this web is almost the same from the template monster’s web. You can show your work and complete your profile information to make your clients know you more. Then, your clients will easily see your work then decided to buy your work. As an addition, you can write more about your skills and capabilities as a web developer. More you can tell, more the clients will trust you.

3. Take The Benefit From The Social Media

Of you asking about how to get clients for web development, you may not forget about this kind of internet that is social media. Social media can share anything to many people. Thus, you can also take benefit from social media by sharing your work and your information there. Therefore, people will know you easily and they will be your clients. Find suitable social media to share your work. You need to make everything balance and arrange to make your web development running well.

4. Don’t Forget To Give Your Attention To Your Website

Wondering about how to get clients for web development, it will be a difficult thing to do. But, you may not only think about web development but also think about your own web. Why it should be done? Cause, people cannot trust you and buy your web development, if your own website is not friendly. Thus, you need to arrange it and make it user-friendly.

5. Put Your Content With Unique Insight

Everything we conducted, we cannot ignore the appearance including the appearance of your content. You need to make it unique in order to increase the content inside. Therefore, don’t forget to put your creativity on your web development.

To sum up, the problem of how to get clients for web development can fix easily. But, you need to work hard to promote your work. Do not try one way, but try a lot of ways. You must show yourself to people and your clients. Thus, they will know you and appreciate your work.

Best Way How to Promote Clothing Business Online

Promoting your clothing business is tricky sometimes. Even when everything has been easier by online things, you still need to make the right calculations. Research is the first step to know how to promote clothing business online.

But don’t think it will take your time. Because this article will show you 5 ways to make it easier for your clothing business to bring in customers.

1. Use Social Media

No one can deny that social media is a really good place to promote any business, includes clothing business. You can do some research about social media that can be effective to use. Each social media maybe have their technic for the application of how to promote clothing business online.

Next, create the accounts of each social media. Then post your product regularly. It will assure the customer that your products are always up to date. Also, don’t forget to be nice and friendly to anyone who needs some information.

2. Run a Giveaway

Making some quizzes and promising some gifts for the winner has applied by many business owner. It maybe gives the impression that you spend money on the gifts. But let’s be smart.

Don’t make random quizzes without estimation. The quizzes have to be conceptualized to promote your account indirectly. As an example, you can ask your customer to make a story about your post. Then they will do it to get the gift you have promised.

But consciously or not, they have promoted your product by their own account. It is, of course, a win-win solution.

3. Celebrity Endorsement

Take a celebrity endorsement sometimes need a big cost. But for the first step, you can choose the low budget celebrity. Bid to give them only your product to promote without any other payment.

Some will welcome this system. The most important thing is how you communicate what you what to them, and what they want from you. Avoiding the misunderstanding post-dealing is a must.

4. Join Clothing Expo

This is a good way to promote your product. You can look for some clothing expos then rent a booth.

In Indonesia, you can join to Jakarta Clothing Expo or also known as JakCloth. If you are outside of Jakarta, don’t worry to not be able to participate. This event is sometimes held in other big cities in Indonesia.

By joining this kind of event, you won’t promote alone. The event promotions will indirectly promote your business too.

5. Give Some Special Deals

Some special deals are proven can attract customers. Who can resist 75% discount or 20% cashback? Then even the people that never heard about your product will be kind enough to join your special deals.

Or you also want to catch long-distance customers? Their usual problem is how the shipping charges could be more expensive than the product price. So, giving them free shipping charges is never disappointed.

Besides, the “buy one get one free” is also a good deal for customers. Free thing is always interesting.

Those are 5 ways you can try on how to promote clothing business online. Make sure that your products are always up to date with the fashion trend. Have a happy business.

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Restaurant

Marketing a restaurant means you need to know what is the plus value in that restaurant. Is it the food, place, or something different from another restaurant. By knowing this value, you can choose the best marketing strategies for restaurant, and how to do it. Here is the list.

1. Use Social Media

The first efficient thing you can do is using social media. These tools can spread your business to more people.

They use social media, so your business must come to meet them there. Don’t forget to be active too. If you already have some followers connect with them.

Post your food menu, testimonial, aesthetic food picture, and all the interesting things about your restaurant. If you have a great and iconic spot for a selfie, post it while your visitor using it.

Don’t forget to tag and say thanks if there is a visitor who tagged you in their post. Social media is a trend now. It has a strong impact on any business including a restaurant. So if you need the best marketing strategies for restaurant which is free, this is the most realistic and easiest thing to do.

2. Invite Food Vlogger

The next thing you can do to market the restaurant is by inviting food vlogger or blogger. Let them review the food and restaurant.

You can pay them but remember to let them give their own honest opinion. Don’t make any script for them to read, but just let them speak up.

It can be an evaluation of your business too. If they said there is something bad, just make it better. Don’t get mad because they work to give critics.

You can use their review as the content of your social media. Their followers will see the review and may interest to come and try your food.

3. Ask The Visitor To Make An Online Review To Get Voucher

The third things of best marketing strategies for restaurant are making an online review. Let your visitor give an online review.

Maybe on google or any website. You have to be active and tag your place in google maps, google business and any other free place to tag.

Let people easy to see you, and let your visitor say a good thing about you. To make them feel free to review, you can give them a voucher for every review they have made.

The first benefit is you will be promoted automatically. The second is they will try to go back to your restaurant to redeem the voucher, you will have more regular customer too.

4. Get Listed In Food Apps And Travel Apps

Food apps like Yelp also will help you a lot. Make an account there and don’t forget to write it in your restaurant.

Food apps will let you compete in another restaurant. It also makes a list or rank based on what people said about it.

If you can be listed in food apps or travel apps, people will easier to know and choose to eat in your restaurant. At first it ma,y hard because you already have lots of competitors but later, if your restaurant has a great quality you will jump into the first rank and be famous.

5. Be Easy To Make A Reservation

A restaurant or business which is easy to meet by people will have more chances to be chosen by them. It because people can see the availability of the table from those apps.

So they can arrange a dinner or a meeting at your restaurant. Moreover, if they like your place or food they will gladly review it on Yelp so another user can read it too. Once again this is one of the best marketing strategies for restaurant which is free.

You also can put your customer service number too on your social media and in a restaurant. Let people reserve a table from this number. It would make it easier to manage the restaurant because people like to reserve the table before come.

This is 5 easy and best marketing strategies for restaurant. Building a business like a restaurant is a bit hard. You are struggling with the trends, menu, place, and also interaction between owner, employee, and customers.

This marketing tricks will help you a lot. But remember to be disciplined in doing any marketing strategies. Because if it is only done once it won’t give any valuable progress.

How to Promote Business in Instagram Like a Pro

Social media gives a huge impact on people’s lives now, including for their business development. Recently, having a business is not complete if not having a social media account, moreover Instagram. Since it was first launched, Instagram now becomes very popular. We can say that it is one of the must-social media to have. That is why we want to share with you how to promote business on Instagram here.

If you search the use of Instagram for business through the internet, you will find thousands of articles. But, in this article, we want to summarize based on the pro experience. So, you no need to look for the other articles. Just prepare yourself to learn amazing knowledge here. Make sure that you already have an Instagram account. Then, now we move to know how to promote business on Instagram.

1. Set in Business Account

As we mentioned before, you have to have an Instagram account first. Now do have one already? Then, see is it a personal or business account? If it is still set as a personal account, you can change it into the business account. It is easy to convert the account, just enter to your profile and choose the account. Then, change it into a Business Profile or Professional Account. Because there are lots of benefits when you change the account into Business account.

2. Insert the Link

When you are running the business online, it is important to make everything is integrated. So, don’t separate your customers’ journey while they are visiting your Instagram. Put your website link or online store link on your bio. It eases the people to visit and buy your product. If you just show the photo and they are interested, your visitors have no idea where to get it.

3. Post the Creative and Professional Photo

Instagram is about the display, how interesting and attractive your page is. If you are consistently showing creative posting, the visitors will always remember you and want to visit more and more. Also, the professional look will make you more trusted. So, it is important to review the view before posting.

4. Use the Right Hashtag

You must understand that Instagram works likely Google. When you add the hashtag inside your caption, once someone seeks for certain information with one keyword, Instagram will show the related hashtag. So, the more familiar and suitable your hashtag, the easier people to find your business. There is nothing more wanted than visitors if you are running the business online. Because starts from the visitors, the purchasing potentially happens.

5. Share the Events

Even your Instagram is a business account, you can still use it for sharing moments, like when you are joining the exhibition, community events, and many more. If you post many activities, the new people can consider how to exist your business is. Share the happiness, laughter, and other special moments to let people know your business impact.

Those points below are how to promote business in Instagram that every pro does. It is effectively proven to increase the traffic, gain more customers, and of course, result more profit.

Tips on How to Learn About Digital Marketing at Home

The presence of digital marketing has become an important aspect of any occasion. This is because it is one of the greatest tools to gain interest in the market. According to some experts, 90% nowadays marketing roles come from online marketing. A simple way to acknowledge is by learning. With some of these tips on how to learn about digital marketing at home, people could easily learn about marketing.

Online marketing is effective to reach the right target audience, to trigger customer conversation and online sales. For those who are willing to be experts in this field, try to start with studying it at home. Nevertheless, there are several things that people need to know to be an effective marketer. To help, here are some tips on how to learn about digital marketing at home.

1. Get to Know SEO

The first thing to know when learning about digital marketing is knowing the SEO or search engine optimization. This is an important thing to study in online marketing because it could optimize the website and the traffic. People need to know the SEO could often change so they must follow the updates. As an addition, find some SEO starter guide on the internet to increase the knowledge

2. The Social Media

Another tip about how to learn about digital marketing at home is learning about social media. Even though social media looks easy, but it is not. There are a lot of points to study on social media. Starting from the campaign, the engagement, the audiences, and the interest. Join some free online courses to develop more about social media.

3. The Diverse Analytics Tools

Data is also important for a marketer. Moreover, they must be able to have analytical skills. Learn some various data analysis tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Marketers need not only study the data but also about the process towards it. For an online course, people could join “SEMRUSH Academy”. There they would learn data reporting tools for online marketing

4. Be Creative with a Content

The next tip on how to learn about digital marketing at home is the content. All the material and tools would be useless with creative content. Create the right content to suit the market and adjust their needs. To increase content skills, often practice writing. Not only the basic writing skills but also the analytical skills and copywriting skills. The better the content an online marketer has, the better the engagement they would get.

5. Learn from the Experts

The last tip do not forget to learn from expert marketers. Join some online courses and there would be awesome marketers there to teach and help. They would also deliver the material easier. Nevertheless, marketers could even share some useful tricks that are not available in books.

People now could understand well how to learn about digital marketing at home. Remember to often practice, because marketing is more about practical. Monitor the result from the study, develop it and learn from the mistakes before.

Marketing Budget For Small Business : Here Is How To Reduce The Budget

To build a business requires a lot of capital. Many things must be fulfilled in building a business one of which is for marketing. Marketing is indeed important to support the smooth running of the business. There are several ways to reduce or save marketing budget for small business. The following is the explanation.

1. Use Adverts on Multiple Media

Advertising is a good promotional media. There are many good and cheap media to promote advertisements, one of which is social media. Almost some people in the world already own and use social media every day.

Entrepreneurs only need to create a special account for their company then upload photos or videos that contain the promotion of a product. Social media is an easy and inexpensive promotional media because it is free, and effective.

2. Don’t Do Many Ways

To reduce the marketing budget for small business, the next step is to not do many ways for promotion. The number of easy ways for promotion sometimes makes businesses want to promote their products anywhere.

If you want to do a promotion using print media it should be done occasionally. Because if too frequently will cause people to be bored and lowering the interest of the buyer. In addition, the costs incurred to make advertisements in print media are not small, so this method will not be effective and will only cause losses.

3. Be Yourself

People who are already successful will usually become role models for beginners. Beginners will imitate everything that is done by the person to get the same thing. However, it is better if in imitating, must adjust to existing financial conditions.

For example in conducting promotions, use literary promotions that are cheap but creative. Because for a long time many are adept at creating creative and attractive designs or more easily can by expressing their own ideas. This will be comparable to businesses that have just begun that do not have much profit.

4. Do Your Own Promotion

The next way to reduce marketing budget for small business is to do it yourself. Business people still need the help of others despite doing their own promotions. Maybe a beginner businessman needs to consult with experts to make a good promotion.

The rest, do it yourself if you can start from designing, printing, to promoting it to various media. That way the cost for promotion will be less and the rest can be used for other purposes.

5. Explore Existing Resources

To create a promotion requires a creative idea to attract buyers. Actually it is not difficult to find creative ideas without having to pay quite expensive design experts.Business people can try to utilize the available resources, namely from employees.

Because it is not impossible if among these employees a good idea will emerge. That way, in addition to saving marketing budgets, businesses can better appreciate the work of their own employees.

There are many ways to reduce marketing budget for small business that don’t yet have much to gain. As explained above, by using various media. Or do marketing yourself without having to be influenced by large companies. Try to save on marketing costs so you can make more profit.

How To Optimize Facebook Ads For Online Sales

Facebook has now released many new features that have many functions. One of the new features, Facebook Ads, is an advertising feature that is usually used by many business people. Usually, business people use it to increase sales. But business people must also know how to optimize Facebook Ads.

You must be able to optimize Facebook Ads so that you can achieve your goals. In addition, maximizing Facebook Ads can also save your advertisement budget. Both of these are certainly beneficial for you. If you are curious how to optimize Facebook Ads, let’s check this out:

1.     Post Facebook Video Ads

Now, many people prefer to see videos compared to images or even just writing. That’s because the picture or status that contents are only writing is very boring for many people. Take advantage of this to include videos in the News Feed of Facebook users.

Create interesting and creative video content according to Facebook’s requirements. This is because Facebook has many rules regarding videos that you can upload. Therefore you should pay attention to details regarding resolution, duration, and also video format.

2.     Utilizing Multi-Product Advertising

How to optimize Facebook Ads, you can take advantage of the various features that are available. One of them is by using multi-product advertising features. Through this one feature, you can display several kinds of images in one ad.

Consumers can see multiple images that are linked to each link you put. This feature will certainly make it easier for your consumers to see your products online. Then, consumers will also be easier if they want to buy certain items.

3.     Take Advantage Of Facebook Offer

Discounts can be the main attraction in each ad. Take advantage of this to attract interest from Facebook users or your potential customers. Make an ad that offers a discount on your product.

The great thing about it is that consumers don’t need to leave the Facebook page to get the discount offer. Even consumers can still find out how many people have gotten your Facebook Offer.

4.     Use The Call To Action Feature

Many people say that this feature is the best feature on Facebook Ads. This feature can optimize Facebook Ads and can increase sales of your product. Facebook will also help you to make a Call to Action to be more personal.

Through this feature, you will send ads to your customers personally. Then, your customers will feel prioritized. How to use this feature is very easy, you can choose Text and Links and choose Call to Action settings.

5.     Retargeting Ads

If you have not managed to optimize your Facebook Ads, maybe you have not tried this feature. This feature allows you to re-target consumers who visit your website. After consumers visit your website, these consumers will see advertisements about your product on their Facebook.

This feature allows you to be able to do more specific promotions. Of course, this is very beneficial for you because it can increase sales. Try this feature if you want to optimize your Facebook Ads.

How to optimize Facebook Ads is you can do these 5 suggestions. If you’ve tried one of them, look at the response and keep evaluating. Then, if your goal has not been achieved, you can try other things on your Facebook Ads.