Best Way How to Promote Clothing Business Online

Promoting your clothing business is tricky sometimes. Even when everything has been easier by online things, you still need to make the right calculations. Research is the first step to know how to promote clothing business online.

But don’t think it will take your time. Because this article will show you 5 ways to make it easier for your clothing business to bring in customers.

1. Use Social Media

No one can deny that social media is a really good place to promote any business, includes clothing business. You can do some research about social media that can be effective to use. Each social media maybe have their technic for the application of how to promote clothing business online.

Next, create the accounts of each social media. Then post your product regularly. It will assure the customer that your products are always up to date. Also, don’t forget to be nice and friendly to anyone who needs some information.

2. Run a Giveaway

Making some quizzes and promising some gifts for the winner has applied by many business owner. It maybe gives the impression that you spend money on the gifts. But let’s be smart.

Don’t make random quizzes without estimation. The quizzes have to be conceptualized to promote your account indirectly. As an example, you can ask your customer to make a story about your post. Then they will do it to get the gift you have promised.

But consciously or not, they have promoted your product by their own account. It is, of course, a win-win solution.

3. Celebrity Endorsement

Take a celebrity endorsement sometimes need a big cost. But for the first step, you can choose the low budget celebrity. Bid to give them only your product to promote without any other payment.

Some will welcome this system. The most important thing is how you communicate what you what to them, and what they want from you. Avoiding the misunderstanding post-dealing is a must.

4. Join Clothing Expo

This is a good way to promote your product. You can look for some clothing expos then rent a booth.

In Indonesia, you can join to Jakarta Clothing Expo or also known as JakCloth. If you are outside of Jakarta, don’t worry to not be able to participate. This event is sometimes held in other big cities in Indonesia.

By joining this kind of event, you won’t promote alone. The event promotions will indirectly promote your business too.

5. Give Some Special Deals

Some special deals are proven can attract customers. Who can resist 75% discount or 20% cashback? Then even the people that never heard about your product will be kind enough to join your special deals.

Or you also want to catch long-distance customers? Their usual problem is how the shipping charges could be more expensive than the product price. So, giving them free shipping charges is never disappointed.

Besides, the “buy one get one free” is also a good deal for customers. Free thing is always interesting.

Those are 5 ways you can try on how to promote clothing business online. Make sure that your products are always up to date with the fashion trend. Have a happy business.