easy ways for employer branding

5 Easy Ways For Employer Branding That You Can Do

A brand becomes the main thing that must be considered by a company in running a business. With a brand, the company increases sales so that many people will know it. In addition, a brand can also show the reputation of a business and distinguish it from competitors. Because of the importance of a brand, the following is an explanation of easy ways for employer branding.

1. Do Market Observation and Analysis

The thing you have to do when you want to build a company branding is market observation and analysis. You can see first how competitors do their marketing activities. There are so many brands that are circulating in the market that are successful in making the employer grow.

Therefore, compare the strengths and weaknesses of one brand with another. In addition, also apply things that are in line with the vision and mission of the company that you make because not everything you can apply to your company’s branding.

2. Clearly Define the Brand

Another one of easy ways for employer branding is to clearly define the brand. Previously, you must first review what products or services you offer and ensure that your company is able to penetrate market competition.

Employer branding should be able to make the company look different from your competitors, promote your business and capture customers as well. In addition, your product and your company have the same meaning because the branding of a product will coincide with corporate branding.

3. Do an evaluation

It is important to evaluate when building employer branding. After observing a variety of competitors, you can start searching for brand names or trademarks that would suit your business. If you want to create a business brand in the field of fashion or beauty, then look for brand names and taglines that represent and have a relationship with women.

Likewise, for a culinary business, your brand must be relevant to food and drink. This is done so that consumers can immediately know clearly what products and services you offer. Don’t let your brand sound and look like an automotive business but the product or service you sell is women’s make-up equipment.

4. Choose an attractive brand name

One of the easy ways for employer branding is to choose an attractive brand name. The name will be an important identity for a brand for the company that must match the type of business you want to create. Therefore, as a business owner, brand names become one of the big things that must be considered.

This means that the name you choose will affect your logo, website address, trademark registration and so on. We recommend choosing an attractive brand name. In addition to an attractive name, brand names must be easily pronounced by the public. That way the name will make your product easy to remember and become a customer’s choice when searching for products.

5. Create a Quality Logo, Slogan or Tagline Design

In a way, the logo is the face of your business. Therefore, pay attention to the brand supporting images so that your business looks more professional. A good logo must be able to show business identity, meaning, and philosophy in it so as to be able to convey the message and business objectives implicitly.

In addition, an interesting slogan or tagline can be a business asset for the long term. The slogan is a short sentence that you can make bio on Twitter, Instagram, website titles, so you can place it on a business card.

That was 5 easy ways for employer branding that you can do. A brand is an important identity for a company in running its business. Therefore, do good branding in order to be successful and bring profits to your company.

how to promote new software product

5 Best Tips How to Promote New Software Product You Should Try

Software is one of the important things for technology users. Lots of people should have software to support their PC. Therefore, there are lots of software products offered out there. Are you a seller of a new software product? It will be a good opportunity for your business. But, the first important thing is to know how to promote new software product for your prospective customer. It will help to arrange a marketing strategy for selling your product.

As you know that software product is a little bit different from the other product. You can show the physical condition in front of your customers. So, you have to promote your product with a good strategy, right? Here are the best tips for you to promote your new software product:

1. Provide Free Trial

It is the best tips to promote your new software product. Basically, lots of people like the free trial product, right? If you are a small company for the software product. It really helps your company to show up in public. You have to make your prospective customer sure about your new product. As a result, this is the best tips on how to promote new software product that you can try.

2. Include Comparison Table with Others

There are lots of people who like to compare a new product. The new software is one of the comparable products, right? Therefore, if you want to promote this product to the customer, you have to include this comparison table. This comparison table will help your customers to choose the right product. It also will help you to show up the benefit of your new product compared to others.

3. Include Turorial of Product

As you know there are lots of people who don’t understand how to use your product. So, you should provide a product tutorial for your offer. This tutorial will make your customers satisfied with your service. When they are satisfied with your service, they will be back, right? If you still don’t have a product tutorial, try to make it perfect.

4. Use a Reliable Cloud Hosting

The website is really important in the marketing strategy. From the website, lots of prospective customers look for their new product according to their request. Therefore, you have to pay attention to your website hosting. If you want to have a long last website, you have to use reliable hosting as your promotion home. It can be the best tips on how to promote new software product for you, right?

5. Money-Back Guarantee Service

It is the last from this list that you can try. Lots of people want to have a money-back guarantee for their new product. So, if you offer this guarantee, it will increase your customer’s belief. It will also help you to promote that your product is really working. You probably can offer a long guarantee for your customers. The long guarantee will help your customer to fall in love with your product.

After you read all the tips on how to promote new software product, you will more easy to arrange the marketing strategy. But, the most important thing is to make sure your product is working. It will reduce your losses for your new product. From all tips above, provide free trial becomes one of the best tips for you. There are lots of software sellers who succeed by using this strategy. Try it now.

best way to promote craft store

Best Way To Promote Craft Store Online Using Website

Are you a DIYer? If yes, and you have made many things by your hand, why don’t you build an online craft store? Or, just let someone out there knows that you have something awesome. Offer them through the internet and make a profit. We believe that you are the master using social media for promotion. But, not many of you are able to maximize the website. Thus, we want to share with you here about the best way to promote craft store through the website.

best way to promote craft store

A website is like a display rack for your crafts. Indeed, you can show the products on Facebook or Instagram too. But, the website feels more personal. Because it seems like someone is coming to your offline store, walking around, choosing a product, and get a comprehensive explanation from you. It might be quite the same as visiting social media. However, the real experience is still different. These are things as the best way to promote craft store:

1. Build a Brand

There are many craft stores before you make one. So, building your brand is important to attract the market. Make a different look and give values. These make people interest to visit your website. If you want to have a simple website is okay, but don’t make it too plain. Building a brand can be started from a consistent feel of your product, the words you choose to communicate, until the color of your website background.

2. Make a Blog

Blogging is not only for writers. This way becomes popular recently since people understand the work of SEO. Make useful articles related to your product and input certain keywords. You probably need someone who knows about SEO, or actually, you can learn by yourself. Specific content can be at the first rank on the Google page. This opens your opportunity to get customers from the other region or even country.

3. Synchronize to Social Media

The Internet doesn’t only connect people around the world. It also links one channel to another channel. Here you should connect your website with your social media. It makes it easier to be closer to you, such as following your Twitter or Instagram or being a friend on Facebook. In addition, when you sync your website with social media, it eases people to share your business on their page too.

4. Testimonials

In this digital era, people tend to more believe with other people than an advertisement. That is why you some products or other business shows their customer’s experience. You can ask your customers to give positive reviews or testimonials after buying your products. It could be in short sentences, 15 seconds video, or posting on their social media account.

5. Responsive

A key to successful marketing is listening to your customers. Thus, being responsive is important even they contact you through the website. Today there is a live chat feature that you can apply to your website. This helps them to contact you easier. Once you respond to their call, you may ask them to give a rate or any satisfaction measurement. When they are satisfied, they will let other people know that you have given great service.

The Internet opens any opportunity wider, including to promote the craft. As if you flashback, the craft was only offered in the local market. But thanks to this technology which lets you sell it around the world. Try to follow one by one of the best way to promote craft store above. We hope you the best of luck with your business!

NetEnt And Pragmatic Play Score In Industry Awards

The renowned EGR B2B Awards for 2018 were held at a stuffed function at the Hurlingham Club in London on Wednesday June 20. These yearly honors commend the accomplishments of providers over the web based gaming industry. Two well known programming suppliers to online gambling clubs brought home mainstream grants. They were NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. You can discover games from their portfolios at online club like InterCasino and Golden Palace.

NetEnt got the honor for Innovation in Mobile class. This item, prevalently known as NetEnt Touch, has routinely been causing a ripple effect at such industry grants. The making a decision about group refered to that NetEnt was fruitful on account of “its item improvement, deliverability and execution, just as its comprehension of client needs and the capacity to genuinely comprehend the player needs and prerequisites that augments client and game-play understanding”. Therese Hillman, CEO of NetEnt, responded to the honor by recognizing that it was an amazing privilege for the product supplier to be casted a ballot by the business as the most inventive portable provider. She said that grant was a consequence of the difficult work put in by each individual in the group in the course of the most recent year. Therese promised that NetEnt we will be resolved to be significantly increasingly fruitful at one year from now’s honors. Aside from winning this honor, NetEnt was designated in nine different classes. Among NetEnt’s accomplishments in the previous year have been industry-first advancements added to the live gambling club offering. Live Sports Roulette and Sports Betting Widget have enabled players to see live information and wager on sports separately while playing in a live club.

Down to business Play got the honor in the esteemed Innovation in slot online Provision class. It is the occasion’s most fervently challenged class and subsequently the triumph is even more sweet. The honor likewise concretes Pragmatic Play’s fast movement as one of the most exceptionally respected programming suppliers in the online club industry. It was named “Programming Rising Star” at the EGR B2B Awards 2017. Melissa Summerfield, Chief Commercial Officer at Pragmatic Play, stated, “Winning the ‘Advancement in Slot Provision’ grant is an extraordinary accomplishment, and a genuine demonstration of the fabulous endeavors of the whole Pragmatic Play group to make this conceivable.” She included that their group invested wholeheartedly in delivering creative, drawing in titles. Businesslike Play is focused on conveying and consistently enhancing a differing scope of amazing games. She likewise expressed gratitude toward the entirety of the staff and customers for their difficult work and help.

how to start promoting brands on instagram

How To Start Promoting Brands On Instagram To Strive In Business

Conducting business needs much effort. Nothing is easy in business. No one can conduct business without getting hard and disturbed by the obstacle. Business is always so. But, many people keeping their mind and passion in business and build a successful business. Of course, it needs much effort and a great method in business. We should be open-minded and knowing the real condition of our customers. Use any kind of media, especially social media such as Instagram. Then, how to start promoting brands on Instagram?

how to start promoting brands on instagram

Instagram is one of the social media that exist among people. Thus, if we want to grow up our brand and make it exist among people, we should know where the place that many people stay on. We can use Instagram to promote and let people know about our product. Then, they will appreciate our product and make our business grow up. Here is the way to start promoting brands on Instagram.

1. Set A Special Account for Brand

If you will start to promote your brand on Instagram, you need to make a special account of your brand first. The special account means that the account which contains all of the information about the brand. The admin may not put any kind of picture or video which is not related to the brand. By this account, people or customers will easily find and know about the product. They can easily make an order and appreciate your product.

2. Set The Creative Photos

Commonly, people are interested in something creative and unique. Many cases show that the most creative photo or video become exist and viral among people. Therefore, you need to consider about the creativeness and uniqueness of your photo. Set those photos as creative as you can. The design might be the main thing you need to arrange. If needed, give some editing to the photos. Thus, the photo will look more interesting.

3. Special Offers And Price

The other inspirations about how to start promoting brands on Instagram is by special offers. The special offers include the price, give away, discounts, and many others. As the seller who is promoting the product or brands, you need to invite the customer as many as possible. Therefore, the special price will be the best way to invite the customer. People commonly like a discount. Then you need to promote the product by giving a special offer. Whether you give them a price, buy 1 free 1, discounts, or others.

4. Special Hashtag

If you learn more about Instagram, you will find there is a term namely hashtag. A hashtag can make people easily find you and see your photo make your own hashtag for your brand. After that, put that hashtag in all of your posts. Don’t push any photo without giving your brand’s hashtag. Thus, people will easily look at your brand.

As conclusion, the way how to start promoting brands on Instagram is easy. But you need to keep giving much effort. Do not lose your hope when everything is nor running well. Keep promoting your brand, so you will get the benefit.

Best marketing strategies for hotel

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Hotel You Might Want To Consider

Hotel marketing plays an important role in helping owners to maximize bookings and revenue. The challenge in the hotel marketing industry is the amount of competition.  Especially with the growing popularity of websites such as Traveloka, Tiket.com, Trivago, or etc. It is a challenge to design hotel marketing strategies to collect more bookings. In this article, you will get a list of 5 best marketing strategies for the hotel to consider when growing your direct sales and online marketing strategy.

Best marketing strategies for hotel

1. Join Live With a Great Website

You need to remember, technology has taken over.  The era of travel agents will pass. If your hotel is not easy to find online, it’s no wonder your reservations are few and rare.  You have to be “anywhere” anywhere in cyberspace but still relevant to get potential bookings so people can find you easily when they need it. This website is the place where people can learn more about your hotel or other business and decide whether or not to book a stay with you.

2. Make Sure That You are Have the Right Customers

What type of hotel and place are you want to promote, and who is your target market?  There needs to be a different strategy for hotel owners in the Rembangan area compared to the Aston Hotel in the town square of Jember, obviously, this is different. The customer will ask something differently, travel differently also, and have different budgets.  That is why tools like revenue targeting will be useful.

3. Give Incentives to Attract People

Why should I stay at your hotel in the inland while there are more strategic hotels at better prices?  Your hotel business needs to have direct prospects to choose your service. If there is nothing, such as having a low price or the good reviews from the customer, any idea of some unique incentives and offers that you can give to your customers.  For example, you can offer a 15% discount for all first-time guests.

4. Pay attention to Customer Service

The next best marketing strategies for hotel is about customer service. Marketing and customer service is an important thing that you need to consider, especially in the hotel industry.  So you have to provide superior and wonderful customer service. The first step in this marketing strategy is to ensure that your staff is employed and trained with a mentality that prioritizes hotel customers.  Although working with people can be very complicated, always prioritizing customers is critical.

5. Build Your Local Partnerships

Your hotel is not located in the center of the forest.  Most likely you are in a center of other local businesses and tourist attractions.  It can be a restaurant, shopping mall, or yoga studio, you need to get to know your neighbors.  Making relations with other local business owners is a great way to make relationships and having a promotion with each other.

Doing tips for best marketing strategies for hotel with the right techniques will bring in larger room bookings.  You should always innovate marketing techniques and customer service at your hotel.  If your innovation is successful, then continue.  No need to be afraid to try new things in business, including to book your hotel.

Effective product promotion strategies

7 Effective Product Promotion Strategies You Should Do

A business needs effective product promotion strategies to scale up the business. As an entrepreneur, the method uses must be on target, on a budget also bring a good impact. There are a hundred ways to get attention from customers. However, depends on the digital era, these 7 strategies can help your business develop well.

Effective product promotion strategies

1. Create Attractive Contents

Firstly, making attractive content is quite challenging. It because the marketing team must know the goal of the product, the market target also the money had. Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies. It uses tickling words and  Some companies hire an advertising company to do their content marketing. The other option is the company is hiring a professional. The job called copywriter is creating its commercial text to raise brand awareness. Then, a graphic designer to create an eye-catching commercial graphic for the company. Along with marketing analysts creating an attractive concept for the audience to buy the products.

2. Send Promotion through Email

Secondly, when you browse some products directly to their website, it always has a pop-up box to fill in your email address. That is the common thing used if you visit the website. This method is effective because the marketing team has the data of the audience who can be the customer. So, the marketing team only needs to send their promotions through email without any extra cash needed.

3. Use Referral Code

Thirdly, giving a referral code or promotional code to give a discount is happening nowadays. The impact of the digital era is creating a new method. In order to give special treatments for its customers, the company by giving referral code or certain code. Hopefully, this code can boost the selling. The special treatments are the discount, free shipping fee, the sample, and free products. Also, the coupon discount to attract them to buy the product again.

4. Be A Sponsor

Next, the sponsorship is the way to get attention and introduce the product to the audience. If the product is a clothing line, be a sponsor of fashion events. So, the audience is targeted and it will create brand awareness of the product. Furthermore, the capacity of the company is a sponsor must be calculated before because it can cost the same value of the product given or more.

5. Giveaway Method Always Win Audience Heart

Have you ever known about giveaway challenge that held by newcomer product? If yes, there is the effective product promotion strategies that cost as same as the product sold. The reason is the audience who have experience or no experience with the product is creating a massive promotion. The huge promotion comes up from the participants who are tagging and reviewing the product without any force. It becomes trending topics and become viral. Definitely, it helps the marketing team to enhance the selling value because the product is famous.

6. Find Brand Ambassador

Find your brand ambassador to raise brand awareness of the product. The brand ambassador can be found from the winner of the giveaway challenge. Then, a paid endorsement fee for the influencer and public figure to promote it. Also, if there is an extra budget the company can hire the models. However, for the company that offers service, every customer is their brand ambassador. In addition, every single customer will give an honest review and recommendation about the service given. 

 7. Loyal Customers Come From Good Service

Next, loyal customers who get excellent service will be the ultimate weapon. It caused by the word-of-mouth method to refer their family, friends, and relatives to use the product.

In the end, effective product promotion strategies are not able to stand alone. The business needs to elaborate on the strategies depend on the current situation.  A good business needs a solid team that consistent, persistent and loyal to the company. Then, the business can grow up and survive well nowadays.

How to get clients for web development

How To Get Clients For Web Development? 5 Ways That You Should Try

Web developer now becomes famous among people. as same as another job, as the web developer you will face some lack or difficulty in order to get more benefit. Then, the most problem faced by the web developer is about how to get clients for web development. Having clients is the main goal of all web developers. Then, all of them want to find a lot of clients in order to get more benefits. But, when everything doesn’t run well, what should be done by them to fix this problem?

How to get clients for web development

1. Be Included In The Catalog Of Template Monster’s Web

In this web, template monster’s web, you will get more like the web developer. The template monster’s web has become a web market for 15 years. Thus, it has many collections of the web template that you can take the benefit from. Therefore, in order to get more clients for your web development, you need to include in the catalog of template monster’s web. By joining the catalog, your clients will be easy to find you. Moreover, you can add your experience and your data to prove yourself. Thus, your clients will know you more and build the trustworthiness.

2. Join The List Of The Freelance Market Places

Accept the template monster’s web, you can also join the list of freelance marker places. The function of this web is almost the same from the template monster’s web. You can show your work and complete your profile information to make your clients know you more. Then, your clients will easily see your work then decided to buy your work. As an addition, you can write more about your skills and capabilities as a web developer. More you can tell, more the clients will trust you.

3. Take The Benefit From The Social Media

Of you asking about how to get clients for web development, you may not forget about this kind of internet that is social media. Social media can share anything to many people. Thus, you can also take benefit from social media by sharing your work and your information there. Therefore, people will know you easily and they will be your clients. Find suitable social media to share your work. You need to make everything balance and arrange to make your web development running well.

4. Don’t Forget To Give Your Attention To Your Website

Wondering about how to get clients for web development, it will be a difficult thing to do. But, you may not only think about web development but also think about your own web. Why it should be done? Cause, people cannot trust you and buy your web development, if your own website is not friendly. Thus, you need to arrange it and make it user-friendly.

5. Put Your Content With Unique Insight

Everything we conducted, we cannot ignore the appearance including the appearance of your content. You need to make it unique in order to increase the content inside. Therefore, don’t forget to put your creativity on your web development.

To sum up, the problem of how to get clients for web development can fix easily. But, you need to work hard to promote your work. Do not try one way, but try a lot of ways. You must show yourself to people and your clients. Thus, they will know you and appreciate your work.

Best Way How to Promote Clothing Business Online

Promoting your clothing business is tricky sometimes. Even when everything has been easier by online things, you still need to make the right calculations. Research is the first step to know how to promote clothing business online.

But don’t think it will take your time. Because this article will show you 5 ways to make it easier for your clothing business to bring in customers.

1. Use Social Media

No one can deny that social media is a really good place to promote any business, includes clothing business. You can do some research about social media that can be effective to use. Each social media maybe have their technic for the application of how to promote clothing business online.

Next, create the accounts of each social media. Then post your product regularly. It will assure the customer that your products are always up to date. Also, don’t forget to be nice and friendly to anyone who needs some information.

2. Run a Giveaway

Making some quizzes and promising some gifts for the winner has applied by many business owner. It maybe gives the impression that you spend money on the gifts. But let’s be smart.

Don’t make random quizzes without estimation. The quizzes have to be conceptualized to promote your account indirectly. As an example, you can ask your customer to make a story about your post. Then they will do it to get the gift you have promised.

But consciously or not, they have promoted your product by their own account. It is, of course, a win-win solution.

3. Celebrity Endorsement

Take a celebrity endorsement sometimes need a big cost. But for the first step, you can choose the low budget celebrity. Bid to give them only your product to promote without any other payment.

Some will welcome this system. The most important thing is how you communicate what you what to them, and what they want from you. Avoiding the misunderstanding post-dealing is a must.

4. Join Clothing Expo

This is a good way to promote your product. You can look for some clothing expos then rent a booth.

In Indonesia, you can join to Jakarta Clothing Expo or also known as JakCloth. If you are outside of Jakarta, don’t worry to not be able to participate. This event is sometimes held in other big cities in Indonesia.

By joining this kind of event, you won’t promote alone. The event promotions will indirectly promote your business too.

5. Give Some Special Deals

Some special deals are proven can attract customers. Who can resist 75% discount or 20% cashback? Then even the people that never heard about your product will be kind enough to join your special deals.

Or you also want to catch long-distance customers? Their usual problem is how the shipping charges could be more expensive than the product price. So, giving them free shipping charges is never disappointed.

Besides, the “buy one get one free” is also a good deal for customers. Free thing is always interesting.

Those are 5 ways you can try on how to promote clothing business online. Make sure that your products are always up to date with the fashion trend. Have a happy business.

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Restaurant

Marketing a restaurant means you need to know what is the plus value in that restaurant. Is it the food, place, or something different from another restaurant. By knowing this value, you can choose the best marketing strategies for restaurant, and how to do it. Here is the list.

1. Use Social Media

The first efficient thing you can do is using social media. These tools can spread your business to more people.

They use social media, so your business must come to meet them there. Don’t forget to be active too. If you already have some followers connect with them.

Post your food menu, testimonial, aesthetic food picture, and all the interesting things about your restaurant. If you have a great and iconic spot for a selfie, post it while your visitor using it.

Don’t forget to tag and say thanks if there is a visitor who tagged you in their post. Social media is a trend now. It has a strong impact on any business including a restaurant. So if you need the best marketing strategies for restaurant which is free, this is the most realistic and easiest thing to do.

2. Invite Food Vlogger

The next thing you can do to market the restaurant is by inviting food vlogger or blogger. Let them review the food and restaurant.

You can pay them but remember to let them give their own honest opinion. Don’t make any script for them to read, but just let them speak up.

It can be an evaluation of your business too. If they said there is something bad, just make it better. Don’t get mad because they work to give critics.

You can use their review as the content of your social media. Their followers will see the review and may interest to come and try your food.

3. Ask The Visitor To Make An Online Review To Get Voucher

The third things of best marketing strategies for restaurant are making an online review. Let your visitor give an online review.

Maybe on google or any website. You have to be active and tag your place in google maps, google business and any other free place to tag.

Let people easy to see you, and let your visitor say a good thing about you. To make them feel free to review, you can give them a voucher for every review they have made.

The first benefit is you will be promoted automatically. The second is they will try to go back to your restaurant to redeem the voucher, you will have more regular customer too.

4. Get Listed In Food Apps And Travel Apps

Food apps like Yelp also will help you a lot. Make an account there and don’t forget to write it in your restaurant.

Food apps will let you compete in another restaurant. It also makes a list or rank based on what people said about it.

If you can be listed in food apps or travel apps, people will easier to know and choose to eat in your restaurant. At first it ma,y hard because you already have lots of competitors but later, if your restaurant has a great quality you will jump into the first rank and be famous.

5. Be Easy To Make A Reservation

A restaurant or business which is easy to meet by people will have more chances to be chosen by them. It because people can see the availability of the table from those apps.

So they can arrange a dinner or a meeting at your restaurant. Moreover, if they like your place or food they will gladly review it on Yelp so another user can read it too. Once again this is one of the best marketing strategies for restaurant which is free.

You also can put your customer service number too on your social media and in a restaurant. Let people reserve a table from this number. It would make it easier to manage the restaurant because people like to reserve the table before come.

This is 5 easy and best marketing strategies for restaurant. Building a business like a restaurant is a bit hard. You are struggling with the trends, menu, place, and also interaction between owner, employee, and customers.

This marketing tricks will help you a lot. But remember to be disciplined in doing any marketing strategies. Because if it is only done once it won’t give any valuable progress.