Best marketing strategies for hotel

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Hotel You Might Want To Consider

Hotel marketing plays an important role in helping owners to maximize bookings and revenue. The challenge in the hotel marketing industry is the amount of competition.  Especially with the growing popularity of websites such as Traveloka,, Trivago, or etc. It is a challenge to design hotel marketing strategies to collect more bookings. In this article, you will get a list of 5 best marketing strategies for the hotel to consider when growing your direct sales and online marketing strategy.

Best marketing strategies for hotel

1. Join Live With a Great Website

You need to remember, technology has taken over.  The era of travel agents will pass. If your hotel is not easy to find online, it’s no wonder your reservations are few and rare.  You have to be “anywhere” anywhere in cyberspace but still relevant to get potential bookings so people can find you easily when they need it. This website is the place where people can learn more about your hotel or other business and decide whether or not to book a stay with you.

2. Make Sure That You are Have the Right Customers

What type of hotel and place are you want to promote, and who is your target market?  There needs to be a different strategy for hotel owners in the Rembangan area compared to the Aston Hotel in the town square of Jember, obviously, this is different. The customer will ask something differently, travel differently also, and have different budgets.  That is why tools like revenue targeting will be useful.

3. Give Incentives to Attract People

Why should I stay at your hotel in the inland while there are more strategic hotels at better prices?  Your hotel business needs to have direct prospects to choose your service. If there is nothing, such as having a low price or the good reviews from the customer, any idea of some unique incentives and offers that you can give to your customers.  For example, you can offer a 15% discount for all first-time guests.

4. Pay attention to Customer Service

The next best marketing strategies for hotel is about customer service. Marketing and customer service is an important thing that you need to consider, especially in the hotel industry.  So you have to provide superior and wonderful customer service. The first step in this marketing strategy is to ensure that your staff is employed and trained with a mentality that prioritizes hotel customers.  Although working with people can be very complicated, always prioritizing customers is critical.

5. Build Your Local Partnerships

Your hotel is not located in the center of the forest.  Most likely you are in a center of other local businesses and tourist attractions.  It can be a restaurant, shopping mall, or yoga studio, you need to get to know your neighbors.  Making relations with other local business owners is a great way to make relationships and having a promotion with each other.

Doing tips for best marketing strategies for hotel with the right techniques will bring in larger room bookings.  You should always innovate marketing techniques and customer service at your hotel.  If your innovation is successful, then continue.  No need to be afraid to try new things in business, including to book your hotel.