Expectations and Reality as a Minister’s Wife

Today I am blogging over at Gevena Push. Geneva Push is an Australian Church Planting Network which we have been involved with for the past couple of years. They are doing great work in Australia to inspire, and to equip Christians to plant new Churches around Australia. Here is the blog post I have … [Read More...]

Post Catch Up Regret

Do You Suffer from Post Catch-Up Regret?

I suffer from a terrible condition. It probably occurs between once a week, and once a month. I know I am not alone in having this condition. At least two of my friends suffer from the very same … [Read More...]


Nepal Earthquake Update: How you Can help.

On Saturday 25th April Nepal experienced its worst earthquake in 80 years. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake has left a death toll of 4,200 ( a number which will no doubt continue to rise), and many more … [Read More...]


WIN flowers delivered for Mother’s Day!

This giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Belinda B! Mother’s Day is fast approaching and as usual I am completely disorganised. I am not naturally a gift giver and neither is my husband, so … [Read More...]

Inappropriate Friendships

Protecting Your Relationship from Inappropriate Friendships

Image credit: My husband and I attended a marriage conference a couple of weeks ago and honestly it came at the perfect time. We had been having a hard … [Read More...]

Running vs. Childbirth

Running vs. Childbirth

On Sunday I ran 21km...yes you read that right...21km of running! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I like to run. It has been my goal to run a half marathon, and on Sunday I … [Read More...]

Can you be friends with the minister's wife?

Can You Be Friends With the Minister’s Wife?

One of the things I have found quite challenging about being the wife of a minister is friendships within the church. The people at my church are fantastic, and the hard part isn’t to do with … [Read More...]



I am really torn at the moment. Two important things are competing for my time and attention. If I give more to one, then the other suffers. If I had my choice I would just do one thing at a time, but … [Read More...]

Top 15 Kids Party Songs

My Top 15 Kids Party Songs

I really love listening to music, but I am not always up to date with what is popular. My preference is for dance music (for the gym and just because I love it), but I also like lots of different … [Read More...]


Using My Thermomix for Good…….

Thermomix owners have had a bit of a bad wrap recently because of the actions of a few extremists who have taken to their keyboards to stir up trouble. Today I want to spread some happy Thermomix … [Read More...]


From Tragedy to Generous Tradition: Remembering Jack

This is a story from one of my readers who I feel has become a friend. Karen Fogo shared part of this story last year on my facebook page, and I asked her if she could share her story on the blog … [Read More...]