Top 15 Kids Party Songs

My Top 15 Kids Party Songs

I really love listening to music, but I am not always up to date with what is popular. My preference is for dance music (for the gym and just because I love it), but I also like lots of different styles of music. I want to  share the music that I like with my kids, but some songs  have quite … [Read More...]


Using My Thermomix for Good…….

Thermomix owners have had a bit of a bad wrap recently because of the actions of a few extremists who have taken to their keyboards to stir up trouble. Today I want to spread some happy Thermomix … [Read More...]


From Tragedy to Generous Tradition: Remembering Jack

This is a story from one of my readers who I feel has become a friend. Karen Fogo shared part of this story last year on my facebook page, and I asked her if she could share her story on the blog … [Read More...]


Every 26 Seconds A Child is Sold into Slavery

It has really been on my heart to get involved with an organisation that fights against human trafficking but despite my efforts I had not found one that really stood out. Then I was contacted by … [Read More...]


A Week in the Life of a Mummy & a Minister’s Wife

I recently posted an insight into my life as the wife of a minister. Since that was a popular post I thought I would open the doors of my life a little more and give you an idea of what a regular week … [Read More...]


Keeping Little Ones Safe This Summer

Sponsored post I recently wrote about about pool safety and small children following an incident that occurred with my three year old. At the time I was staying with my Dad who has a pool at his … [Read More...]


The Mummy & The Minister’s Wife

This week on my Mummy's Undeserved Blessings Facebook Page, I asked what it was people wanted to read about on my blog. The answer really didn't surprise me because it is the theme of my blog. A … [Read More...]


MUD! Love it? Or Loathe it?

I recently received this article on mud from my daughter's childcare centre. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you all. I personally have not encouraged my children to play with mud. … [Read More...]


Swimming Lessons Won’t Save Your Child

I have had my girls in swimming lessons from a young age. My middle daughter has been learning to swim from the age of six months and is fairly confident in the water. I would like to think that if … [Read More...]


The Winmalee Fires Up Close

As many of you will know, my mother in law lost her house on Thursday to the fires in Winmalee. Her house was one of 45 houses that were lost in her street (that's about a third of the houses in the … [Read More...]


The Blessing of Time

Last week I decided to take the kids on a road trip to visit where my parents live and stay with my Dad and his partner at their new house. It was a bit of a last minute decision to go and a little … [Read More...]