Inappropriate Friendships

Protecting Your Relationship from Inappropriate Friendships

Image credit: My husband and I attended a marriage conference a couple of weeks ago and honestly it came at the perfect time. We had been having a hard time, and with three little people to look after and a busy life we really hadn’t had many chances to … [Read More...]

Running vs. Childbirth

Running vs. Childbirth

On Sunday I ran 21km...yes you read that right...21km of running! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I like to run. It has been my goal to run a half marathon, and on Sunday I … [Read More...]

Can you be friends with the minister's wife?

Can You Be Friends With the Minister’s Wife?

One of the things I have found quite challenging about being the wife of a minister is friendships within the church. The people at my church are fantastic, and the hard part isn’t to do with … [Read More...]



I am really torn at the moment. Two important things are competing for my time and attention. If I give more to one, then the other suffers. If I had my choice I would just do one thing at a time, but … [Read More...]

Top 15 Kids Party Songs

My Top 15 Kids Party Songs

I really love listening to music, but I am not always up to date with what is popular. My preference is for dance music (for the gym and just because I love it), but I also like lots of different … [Read More...]


Using My Thermomix for Good…….

Thermomix owners have had a bit of a bad wrap recently because of the actions of a few extremists who have taken to their keyboards to stir up trouble. Today I want to spread some happy Thermomix … [Read More...]


From Tragedy to Generous Tradition: Remembering Jack

This is a story from one of my readers who I feel has become a friend. Karen Fogo shared part of this story last year on my facebook page, and I asked her if she could share her story on the blog … [Read More...]


Every 26 Seconds A Child is Sold into Slavery

It has really been on my heart to get involved with an organisation that fights against human trafficking but despite my efforts I had not found one that really stood out. Then I was contacted by … [Read More...]


A Week in the Life of a Mummy & a Minister’s Wife

I recently posted an insight into my life as the wife of a minister. Since that was a popular post I thought I would open the doors of my life a little more and give you an idea of what a regular week … [Read More...]


Keeping Little Ones Safe This Summer

Sponsored post I recently wrote about about pool safety and small children following an incident that occurred with my three year old. At the time I was staying with my Dad who has a pool at his … [Read More...]


The Mummy & The Minister’s Wife

This week on my Mummy's Undeserved Blessings Facebook Page, I asked what it was people wanted to read about on my blog. The answer really didn't surprise me because it is the theme of my blog. A … [Read More...]