The Importance of having a will

  This post is brought to you by challengeawillnsw.com.au A few years ago we decided the time had come to create a will for our family. We had always thought that it wasn’t worth getting a will until we actually had something that was worth creating a will for. In our minds, it was a having a … [Read More...]

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Father’s Day Gifts for hard-to-buy-for Dads

This post was brought to you by Pitchi  When it comes to Father’s Day I think I have the hardest Dad to buy a present for. Apart from pretty much having everything he needs or wants, he also has been … [Read More...]


Avoiding the Post Holiday Blues

Have you ever come home from a holiday and felt as though you never went away? When I plan a holiday, I always imagine that when I come back I will be super relaxed and float back into my normal … [Read More...]


A place to call home

This post was written in collaboration with Homesales.com.au We moved into our own home in February this year after renting for almost my entire life. We were happy renting and didn’t really have any … [Read More...]

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Paradise Resort: Heaven for kids, Paradise for Parents

We recently travelled to the Gold Coast for a pre-winter family holiday. We often take a break just before the Canberra winter sets in for another sunshine boost to get us through the long … [Read More...]

A Mouse in the House

A mouse in the house

The post is brought to you by Mortein I used to think mice were really cute. When I was younger my neighbours had mice at pets. They would go and buy a teeny, tiny, and absolutely adorable baby mouse … [Read More...]

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When Clothing Tries to Kill You

  Recently I read a news article about a woman whose skinny jeans tried to kill her. After spending a good part of the day in a squatting position while cleaning, and emptying cupboards she … [Read More...]

The Worst Behaved Kids in church

The Worst Behaved Kids in Church

I think I can safely say that I have the worst behaved kids in my church. Our girls are aged 6, 5, and 3, and they’re not really all that bad, but when it comes to sitting nicely in the pews, (not … [Read More...]

What Path Will My Children Take?

What Path Will My Children Take?

This post brought to you by Prime Lawyers  I think every parent fears the teenage years. I certainly do. I have three girls, they are only young now but in ten years time I will have three teenage … [Read More...]

Struggling & Acceptance

Struggling & Acceptance

I am really struggling at the moment. Life is not what I want it to be, and I am not where I want to be. Honestly how did it get to be June? I know I am not alone in wondering where the last six … [Read More...]


Expectations and Reality as a Minister’s Wife

Today I am blogging over at Gevena Push. Geneva Push is an Australian Church Planting Network which we have been involved with for the past couple of years. They are doing great work in Australia to … [Read More...]